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Movies trailers are small sequences of the film that are presented to the public before the release of the movie. This is done for advertisement purpose to create hype about the film. Generally, portions of the important or powerful scenes are incorporated in the trailer. But, care is taken so as not to divulge any content or storyline of the movie, otherwise the very intent of releasing a trailer would backfire. The climax of the film or hints of any suspense or twist in the story, are not given in the movie trailer.  

In fact, ‘how much and what’ – is an important consideration while selecting the clips for the trailers. Although the trailers are of only 2 to 3 minutes, the disconnected clips are fast-paced. The viewers are just given an idea, what they can expect in the movie. The most interesting and catchy excerpts of the movie like any special effect or action scenes are placed in the trailers. Since it is part of the marketing strategy, utmost care should be taken to gauge the mood of the public to make any changes in the original movie if necessary.

Sometimes, the production houses even decide not to use the footage of the trailers in the original movie. While sometimes, this is done after taking into account the response of the viewers to the trailers, this can also be a deliberate marketing strategy adopted by them. They are only made for the purpose of promotions. The star cast, the locations, and any thrilling excerpts are used in the trailers. Some companies also prepare a different music scores for the trailers only.

The production of the trailers goes simultaneously with that of the movie. In fact, the production houses want to finish the preparation of the trailers early, so as to release them to the market much before the movie hits the theaters. Although there is a notion that the earlier the trailer goes to the market, the better would be the impact, it is not always true. At times, the hype the trailer creates becomes so big that they fail to live up to the expectation of the people.

The trailers include the logo of the production company along with the name of the distributors. The list of the actors and actresses and the crew are also found in the trailers. Of late, due the dependence of the success of the movies on the movie trailers, the production of the trailers have become a specialized job and many production companies only make the trailers, as per the market and demand of the film company.

The importance of the trailers vis-?-vis the success of the movies can be known from the fact that there have been special awards like The Golden Trailers Award for the best movie trailers.

HD Movie Trailers

If you are looking for HD Movie Trailers of some of the top upcoming releases, you should make sure that you choose the right website. All Movie Theaters has a collection of the theatrical trailers in high definition of some of the best upcoming movies, including the blockbusters that have hit the charts with a bang. This is where you can actually know what to expect from the movie in the same manner, as you would do it in a theater. So, pay a visit to the website today and check out the high definition movie trailers today.

Now Playing Trailers

Do you wish to know more on the movies, which will be hitting the theaters in the coming week? If yes, then you should visit to All Movie Theaters today. It has all the Now Playing Trailers in high definition version, waiting at a single click. This means that you can check the HD trailer and find out what to expect from the movie. Once you do that, you always have the option of analyzing the movie by yourself and go ahead for the same. So, pay a visit to the website today and checkout what can you see in the now playing trailers.

Featured Trailers

I am sure that you are not willing to spend your time watching what we tag as the second best movies. Such movies are not just the waste of time, but also can be a pain in your nervous system. This is why it is imperative for you to only opt for those movies, which have received accolades from the critics. This is where All Movie Theaters can be of great help to you. It has one of the sections, which is tagged as Featured Trailers. This is where you can find the trailers of some of the recommended movies, playing in a theater near you.

Just Added Trailers

There are a lot of movies, which you would love to follow from the moment its first trailer was released to the time seeing in the theater. This allows you to create suspense within yourself on what to expect from the movie in consideration. This is where All Movie Theaters can be quite a handy website for you. It has a section of Just Added Trailers where you can find the newest trailers of the movie, which have been recently released by the production. This allows you to enjoy your ride, till you see the movie in the theaters perfectly.

Opening This Week Trailers

Do you wish to go out for a movie with your friends or your special one? If you do, you need to make sure about the movies, which are there in the theaters near you. This allows you to save your time in not running after different theaters. So, logon to All Movie Theaters today and check out the movies opening this week. Check out the trailers of these movies, know the theaters where they would be running, book your show and there is no doubt that you will be able to enjoy your time to the maximum.

Top Fan Rated Trailers

There is another experience of watching movies, which have been rated quite high by people from across the globe. This allows you to save your time on watching a bunch of movies, which should not have been directed to say the least. This is where you should watch the Top Fan Rated Trailers at All Movie Theaters. You would not only have an idea of what people say on the movie, which you were about to go, but you can also build up an expectation by watching the trailers in a high definition version.


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