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Now-a-days, the movie theater connotes much more than simply watching a movie of your choice. Gone are the days when you take the trip to the nearest theater just to enjoy a movie. Earlier, you also did not hesitate to cover the distance to get to see a particular movie you want to watch. Then, it was your sheer love for the movies that made you queue up for the tickets outside the theaters.

Design of Movie Theaters

Basically, the theater is just a building where we view the movies. They are also sometimes, referred to as cinemas. Inside the theatres, the film is projected on a big white screen. Sitting arrangements are provided in front of the screen for viewers to enjoy the film. Over the years, this simple form of cinema has gone through many changes in respect of design, with the help of technological innovations to make the experience of film viewing much more enjoying. As a result of this, theaters equipped with digital projections and the latest technology of IMAX system have come up.

How to buy movie tickets at a reasonable rate?

Watching your favorite movie in the matinee show is a smart idea. Chances are that you will get the movie ticket for such shows at a cheaper price. Sometimes, the rate is reduced by 50 percent.

Pricing and admission of movie tickets in USA

Pricing and admission of movie tickets in USA

The exorbitant cost of movie tickets these days is one of the reasons for the dwindling attendance in the theaters. People prefer to watch their favorite movies in the comfort of their homes by DVDs and home theaters in stead of making the trip to the theaters. This has put many theater owners in a fix.

Multiplexes and Megaplexes

The concept and design of movie theaters have gone through many changes over the years. The technological innovations along with the demand of the public for a better and more enjoyable experience of movie-watching have greatly contributed in this regard. While earlier days, people were going to the far corner of the city in order to view the movie of their choice, with the advent of the multiplexes they are offered more choice at one place. Although this concept was started late, its popularity grew rapidly and today, you would come across many multiplexes and megaplexes in every city. Even many owners of the movie theaters have redesigned their existing theaters to accommodate more than one auditorium.


Movies, though mostly used to describe the films that one views in the theatre, connotes much more than that. Meant to provide entertainment to the public, movies and films are also a form of art. The movie industry has been a thriving one since its inception. Over the years, the technical aspect of the movie making has gone through a lot of changes to provide a much more realistic an enjoyable experience. 

Production of the films involves the recording of images with the help of a camera from the real world and then recreating them on a screen with the help of a projector. They can also be created with the use of simulated techniques like the animations and special effects.

Drive-in Movie Theaters

The drive-in-theaters were first started by Richard Hollingshead in 1933. His vision of the open air theaters which would enable viewers to watch the movies from their cars was given shape in his backyard, where he did the first movie show on the screen attached to the trees. The projector was place on the hood of his car. The radio to facilitate the hearing of the sound was put behind the screen. These theaters caught the fancy of the movie viewers in a big way.


The movie theaters are big buildings that have the facility for film-viewing. The word cinema is also used to refer the movie theaters. In earlier days, the movie theaters were owned by individuals but now they have grown to the proportion of industries and are being owned by companies. Some movie companies have chains of theaters in different cities.

IMAX Theaters

IMAX or Image Maximum is the cutting edge of scientific research and technological acumen in order to provide you with the ultimate pleasure of film viewing. Believe me, enjoying your favorite movie in a theatre having the IMAX facility is always a thrilling experience.

The aim of the IMAX technology is to present them in a large frame, with high resolution. The film image in case IMAX is 69.6 wide and 48.5 tall, unlike the other images of traditional film, which is much smaller than this. The film speed is also much higher and they are run in a horizontal way. This, along with the ‘rolling loop’ technology, proper projection results with greater resolution and clarity of pictures, as also the increased size of them. The IMAX uses the “ESTAR” film by the Kodak, which is very sturdy and immune to any chemical damage.

Movie Theaters in USA

Films or movies are the terms expressed to use the motions pictures. The buildings or the halls where the films are shown are called the movie theaters. People buy the tickets and enter inside to view the movie which is shown on a large white screen in the dark with the help of a projector.

China News: Hollywood's Biggest 3D Advocates Are Transforming the Film Industry

Movies are an evolving medium on many different vanguards and as Hollywood has been looking for new ways to get bigger and better over the past decade, the 3-D technology has suddenly found itself in the middle. That’s one of the primary reasons two of Hollywood’s biggest filmmakers, James Cameron and Michael Bay, have been using 3-D in recent blockbusters, as part of the entire film industry’s expansion into this exciting realm. What 3-D allows is for an entirely different viewing pleasure for the audience.


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