Bama Theatre in Tuscaloosa - AL 35401

Construction began over a Bama Theatre in 1937 and was completed here year via funds provided by the Public Works Administration (PWA) program, the New Deal agency responsible for constructing several Depression-era civic projects for example write-up offices, courthouses, and schools. Designed by architect David O. Whilldin of Birmingham, the Theatre served as the community's grand movie house, and also the only air-conditioned building at that time. A single in the last movie palaces made inside the South, the building was an useful mixture on the Beaux Arts, Art Deco, and Moderne styles popular during the period and also the lavish "atmospheric" type of theatre architecture well-liked inside the 1920's. The property of the theatre is genuinely a reproduction of the courtyard from the Davanzati Palace of Florence, Italy of the orchestra and balcony sections decorated as being a Spanish courtyard, complete with balconies and ironwork. The murals on the acoustical panels, painted by Italian-born scenic designer Navino Nataloni, and also the twinkling stars and clouds on a night sky ceiling complete the open-air consider from the performance hall. The Theatre was converted to a performing arts center in 1976 and was totally renovated for live theatrical use. Within the Summer of 1999, an additional dimension of entertainment was added, and also the Bama began showing award-winning independent and foreign films as component on the Cinema Nouveau series and Jewish Cultural Festival. Local artists regularly exhibit inside the Junior League Gallery, and dance companies, theatrical troupes, and musical artists perform within the theatre, producing the Bama downtown Tuscaloosa 's visual and performing arts center.

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I love this place! Undiscovered gold I tell you. You surely Have to see this place!

not bad
This place is gorgeous. It is growing old and holds so several stories that display the heritage of our beautiful town. I have performed and been in the audience too in this theatre, and i will never turn down a chance to go back again. its a treasure.

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