Alabama Theatre in Birmingham - AL 35203

The Alabama Theatre was created in 1927 by Paramount Studios as an Alabama showcase for Paramount films. It was applied primarily as being a movie palace for 55 years, in the exception from the annual Miss Alabama pagent as well as the weekly Mickey Mouse Club. In 1987, the owners on the facility declared bankruptcy and the theatre was purchased by Birmingham Landmarks Inc., a non-profit corporation.

The new Alabama Theatre for ones Performing Arts hosts numerous live events, as well as films. Every year the Theatre hosts over 300 events attended by a half million Birmingham area citizens.

In 1998, the Theatre underwent a complete front door to back door restoration. The work was done by EverGreene Studios from New York City. In 8 months, the theatre went from its look of faded grandeur to a sparkling 1927 seem with all of the gold leaf paint either replaced or cleaned. In addition to the restoration, new carpet was installed inside the ladies lounge and new drapes had been installed on a stage and organ chambers.

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1811 3rd Ave N, , , 35203
(205) 251-0418
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I have been to two plays here. This was a excellent experience for me! Both times I went to your play it was incredible. I try to often watch and see what is coming the following over a internet. I adore a location that is eloquent.

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